About Our Camp

Thank you for your interest in Acheinu Day Camp. Acheinu opened its doors in 1991, the first full-scale, Orthodox Jewish camp in Queens, serving boys, girls and pre-schoolers in three distinct programs. From our very first season, Acheinu established itself as the camp where each and every camper enjoys every minute of every day. Nothing is ordinary at Acheinu. Every activity, every meal, and certainly every trip or show is a major event.

​Our secret formula is, in large part, the way our staff is chosen and trained. Our counselors, rebbies, lifeguards, and head-staff are devoted to the individual. Everyone is made to feel comfortable, safe and secure in the knowledge that his/her every need will be met at camp. A large percentage of our staff are former Acheinu campers, who remember how they were cared for at camp, and they in turn are devoted to their campers in the same way.

​All of our buses are air-conditioned, and transportation is door to door. Hot, delicious lunches are prepared on premises and the menu is balanced and carefully planned to suit the nutritional needs of our growing campers.

​Red Cross- certified swimming instructors work daily with the campers in small groups to advance their swimming skills. Preschoolers actually swim twice a day in their special pools designed for safety and instruction.

Acheinu is famous for putting together a phenomenal trip schedule year after year. Some trips are half-day excursions, some are full day, and others extend into the night (senior division). All trips are age-appropriate, safe, and exceedingly enjoyable. Check out the videos on this site, and you’ll know what we mean.

​The administration also searches out the highest quality entertainers, singers, and daredevils and puts together a show schedule which is unmatched in its wholesomeness and entertainment value. Some of last year’s shows are also available on this site for your viewing pleasure.

​And then we have our Special Events and surprises throughout the summer, such as Olympics, Color War, Carnival, Crazy Hat Day, Aquatic Bonanza, Camper Appreciation Day, Lip-sync Competition, and so much more. Each event is infused with palpable entertainment and indescribable ruach.

​Our Sports Leagues for both the boys and girls divisions afford the campers a very high level of organized and professionally coached competition. This is arguably the strongest draw for our senior campers who love to play ball. All members and coaches of the top teams in each of our four leagues take home handsome trophies at seasons end.

​Acheinu puts tremendous emphasis on Torah and Midos. Our professional, vastly experienced Rebbies, and Morahs put a lot of work into their daily lessons, making each lesson relevant, skill building, and enjoyable. These educators along with the entire counselor staff imbue the children with a strong sense of responsibility Bein-Adam-L’Chaveiro, and stress the importance of Midos Tovos, through stories, halacha, and by personal example.

​So what does all this cost? Guess what? Our rates are surprisingly affordable! Contact the Acheinu office at your convenience and we’ll fill you in on all the details.

We're here to help! Register now for an awesome summer or contact us for more info!